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Dear Teachers!

We Empower you, not replace you.

AI Launchpad doesn't just offer textbooks, it provides expert training and support for computer teachers at school. Up-skill confidently in the latest AI concepts, gain practical lesson delivery techniques and become a guiding force in your students' AI journey.
Empowering Educators for the AI Era

At Dattamsh, we believe that teachers are pivotal in guiding students
through the ever-evolving landscape of technology.
Here's how we prepare our educators to lead the charge in AI education:

Practical Teaching Methodologies

Real-world case studies for experiential learning.
Lesson delivery techniques that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving.
Access to simulated environments for practice teaching sessions.

Comprehensive AI Curriculum

Interactive workshops on AI and ML fundamentals.
Advanced sessions on latest AI trends and their educational applications.
Strategies for integrating AI lessons with existing curricula.

Continuous Support and Development

Ongoing professional development to keep teachers at the forefront of AI education.
A support network for sharing experiences and resources.
Regular updates on curriculum advancements and teaching tools.


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