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Dattamsh’s AI Launchpad is a playground for young minds to discover the magic of AI and ML.

Step into a world where your child not only learns about technology but grows with it.

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About our AI Launchpad

Why Choose AI Launchpad for Your Child ?

Activity-Based Learning:

Our curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity through hands-on activities that make learning about AI and ML exciting and tangible.

A Foundation for Success:

We offer more than just textbooks. Our free LMS app tracks progress, personalizes learning, everyone. Additionally, expert teacher training ensures educators feel confident in delivering the curriculum. This holistic approach sets us apart from traditional textbook-based programs.

A Thriving Learner Community:

Your child will join a vibrant community of over 4,000 students who are on their way to becoming tomorrow’s responsible tech leaders.

Content Kids Love:

Content crafted by experts and loved by children. Blending education with entertainment for the ultimate learning experience.

From Grade 1 to 8

Class 1: Digital Beginnings

Embark on a magical tech journey where touchscreens come to life and apps whisper tales of infinite possibilities. Class 1 is where the digital adventure begins!

Class 2: Tech Explorers

Set sail into the tech seas with smart gadgets and playful apps as your compass. Class 2 navigates through the wonders of connectivity and creativity!

Class 3: Cyber Navigators

Chart your course in the world of pixels and clicks. Class 3 discovers the art of digital living, from smart spreadsheets to navigating the net with care!

Class 4: Digital Dreamers

Discover a universe where data dances in the cloud and robots become your playmates. Class 4's journey is a ticket to the wireless expanse of imagination!

Class 5: Creative Coders

Unleash your inner artist and coder as you paint and program your stories. Class 5 is where tech meets creativity, and every click is a color on your canvas!

Class 6: Internet Investigators

Dive deep into the digital ocean and surf the waves of code. Class 6 investigates the secrets of the web and programs the future!

Class 7: Tech Wizards

Conjure digital spells where entertainment meets innovation. Class 7 wizards unveil the mysteries of technology and craft their digital destinies!

Class 8: Data Detectives

Solve the puzzles of data with Python's charm and befriend AI companions. Class 8 detectives decode the morals of the digital society!

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